Ode to Basses

Recommendation No. IBS-7

in reference to public performace of ode to basses in circumstances of covid-19 pandemics
(please find the recommendation at the bottom of this page)

Borut Gombač
translation from Slovene Josh Rocchio


Under the surface is lurking the bass,
A mountain that’s mighty, growing down toward 
The breadth of the moment, endless time and space,
The hidden quintessence of vocal accord.

Bass has a stride that is regal and proud,
An underground wave, a volcanic rift.
Ere you have heard it, it’s already loud, 
In harmonious space a temporal shift.

Membranes that tremble, low-frequency swells
Felt by our body as much as it hears,
Vocal cords ring out like bottomless bells,
And bass can be heard by the deafest of ears.

Bass is both delta and secretive spring,
Mellifluous wisdom, both passion and love;
It’s past, present, future, the bridge that does bring
Peace to the battles waged high up above.

original (slo)

In reference to performance of Ode to Basses, Institute for Bass Sciences issues:

RECOMMENDATION NO. IBS-7 (to performers of Ode to Basses):

Until this recommendation is recalled, Ode to basses when performing in public places and in cases that a minimal recommended social distance could not be assured should be performed with a closed mouth, with visualization of the lyrics only and with a necessary required breathing only.

In order to support the implementation of this recommendation, IBS COVID-19 approved note sheets.