• Successful performance of the Great Bass Choir
    The Great Bass Choir with conductor Stojan Kuret successfully performed in front of a packed euphoric hall at the Slovenian Philharmonic in line with choir’s motto: “One song, one rehearsal, one performance, lots of beer, … Read more
  • Ode to basses published!
    for bass choir acapellafor bass choir with piano accompaniment
  • Wed, 5.5. at 5:05pm (GMT+2)
    Ode to Basses which will be presented at the event was published on March 30th, 2021, the first Bass Day in 2021 (see also this announcement). This was a solution to the first (“a. there … Read more
  • IBS declares another Bass Day!!
    A Special Announcement!! In order to celebrate the creation of Ode to Basses, due to the fact that the public performance of Ode to Basses will take place at Europa Cantat Festival in Ljubljana on … Read more
  • We wish you a merry and deeply raucous Bass Day!
    To all basses and bass’ fans, especially altos and sopranos! How to celebrate? Here are some hints.