About the Institute

The Bassorum Institutum Scientiae (BIS), The Institute for Bass Sciences was established in 1996 in Ljubljana to fight using mostly scientific methods against malicious anti-bass memes (fake news), which are usually selfishly spread by tenors and conductors, as well as some sopranos and even rare altos. The Institute devotes its resources mainly to basic research of the fact that the bass* is the most important voice in the choir. BIS experts are especially active during the Bass Holidays, which escalate to a peak on March 30, the Bass Day, the celebration of which is the second most important goal of BIS.

Bass Day, March 30, was officially announced in 1995 by the bass of APZ Tone Tomšič of the University of Ljubljana.

On March 30, 1995, maestro Stojan Kuret recognized, with the famous saying “The first are the basses, and then looong nothing!”, the place that historically belongs to the basses. This recognition heralded the end of the millennial life of the bass at the bottom of the choral social scale and the beginning of their unstoppable march into the depths.

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BIS materializes only from time to time. A complex and comprehensive super-quantum prediction system of time and place of the next materialization is being developed by the experts of BIS.

*Institute for Bass Sciences recognizes as basses all life forms who seek their intonation to the right of the bass clef. The senseless and most often instigated ideological divisions of the basses into baritones and basses are fruitless attempts to introduce discord into the bass unity, most likely futile efforts of tenorist cells.