Wed, 5.5. at 5:05pm (GMT+2)

Ode to Basses which will be presented at the event was published on March 30th, 2021, the first Bass Day in 2021 (see also this announcement).

This was a solution to the first (“a. there is no Ode to Basses”) out of the two slight technical problems which posed a challenge to the experts of Institute for Bass Sciences back in 2019 when the performance of Ode to Basses by Great Bass Choir at the closing ceremony of Europa Cantat (held Ljubljana) on July 24, 2021, was agreed.

The second slight technical problem (“b. there is no Great Bass Choir”) will be devoted much attention in the next months. Outlook is relatively optimistic, there is still a possibility to join Great Bass Choir (73 members at the moment of this release).

The presentation of Ode to Basses will take place on Wednesday, 5.5. at 5:05pm on zoom.

Click here to join zoom meeting on Wed, 5.5. at 5:5pm (GMT+2)

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